Jun 27,2014

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. USA - 22.06.2014

May 9,2014


Adventure Club | Wonder (feat. The Kite String Tangle) [The Chainsmokers Remix]

May 6,2014 - 591
May 6,2014

When we first met, never would I have expected us to reach where we are now. You were just another girl that I was going to get to know and possibly be more than friends with. We’ve reached a point where..how do i say it, you know too much of me? It’s hard to explain but sometimes I feel like in the span of our relationship, you caught on quickly and figured out the kind of person I am. You know my ins and outs. Somehow in that time, I feel like I was left behind. Maybe it’s me being a reserve person but it’s difficult when you feel that the person you’re in love with knows too much. I’m still trying to figure you out at this very moment. We’ve been through plenty of ups and downs but overall, I like what we have. I guess what I’m asking for is more time. I don’t want you to ever get tired of me. I’m just scared of losing you.¬†

May 6,2014


May 6,2014
May 6,2014